I’m going to write this post in english, hoping not to make too many mistakes.
A little while ago I had the big honor to meet these two souls, who shared their intense and proud love in a romantic as honest, intimate engagement session in a waterfall, in Friuli, Italy.

It was at Wild Heart Workshop’s by Josée Lamarre and when I think about it, my heart still beats.
Shooting in a waterfall was one of my dream and now I can say that something really magic happened.

As usual Josée has been a super teacher and encouraged us to take pictures in “our own way”, this is why I love these shots so much: here you can find a couple, their authentic love but also you can see Giui, the deepest part of my soul.

I’ve named this session “I sing the Body Electric”, because this one of my favourite poem ever by Walt Whitman and a “manifesto” of what as a photographer I want to do with my work: I [want to] sing the Body Electric [with my camera]